Annette Ragone Hall creates bold, colorful works of art inspired by nature
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Bold & Colorful Art by Annette Ragone Hall
Annette gives permission for non-commercial use on other web sites of the images that appear on this web site provided that the user gives her proper credit and sends her email asking for permission. Credit must include Annette’s name, the title of the image, and a link back to  Annette reserves the right to demand that the user removes an image if she finds that the content on the user’s web site is objectionable to her. By virtue of using any of Annette’s images, the user agrees to these terms.
"Wild Flowers II" © Annette Ragone Hall - acrylic on canvas - "36" x 24" "Stormy Red Sky" ©Annette Ragone Hall - acrylic on linen canvas - 24" x 30" "Deep Magenta Bouquet" © Annette Ragone Hall - acrylic on canvas, 6" x 6"
Annette   described   herself   as   an   artist   at   the   age   of   six.   Nature   inspires   the   colorful   images   she   creates.   She strives   to   capture   the   beauty   and   majesty   of   the   sky,   earth,   water,   plants,   and   living   things   with   paint,   canvas,   and paper. Bold colors are the hallmark of her work. As   well   as   creating   fine   art,   Annette   creates   one-of-a-kind,   handpainted   jewelry,   which   she   sells   on   consignment to   galleries   and   on   a   wholesale   basis   to   fine   boutiques   and   gift   shops.   Visit   her   jewelry   web   site    to   view   samples of her jewelry and to read about her process. Annette’s motto: Never give up your dream. Work hard to achieve it. Note 1: All the artwork shown on this site is no longer available for purchase, only for viewing online. Annette is taking a long sabbatical and is traveling the country in a motorhome with her husband. She took some art supplies with her and will be painting only small pieces due to the space constraints in a motorhome. She sold many of the pieces shown on this site and donated ALL the rest to a hospital foundation so that she would not have to store them. Many people were surprised that she was willing to donate all that artwork, but Annette says, “I can always create more art.” Once she and her husband have settled down again, Annette will resume doing studio work. This is an exciting adventure for Annette, an opportunity for exploration that she couldn’t turn down. Note 2: “Ragone” is pronounced Ră-'-nē.
"Life Glow VIII" © Annette Ragone Hall - acrylic on board in handpainted frame - 10" x 8" "Tendrils" ©Annette Ragone Hall - acrylic on linen - 24" x 36"
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Annette Ragone Hall